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Why VPN?

Rendex VPN service is extremely valuable in protecting your online identity and data. A VPN service ensures that internet data is protected while transferring it on the internet. For instance, if you have a cloud back up service and you want to access your files using a coffee house Wi-Fi hotspot, it's critical to have a VPN secure that transfer.

Control Your IP's Location

Every connection to the internet comes with a unique number, called an IP Address. It's your tattoo or signature when you travel the internet.


This IP address is used for tracking purposes on every site you visit. It can also reveal your physical location and plenty of other information about you, such as your ISP or connection type. As you browse the web, your actions are tracked by every site, every search engine, and even your ISP. Once this information is on someone else's computer, you should assume this information is kept about you forever.


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Rendex VPN service prevents this tracking by issuing you an anonymous IP address that prevents your real IP address from being detected. Nobody can see the real IP address, especially search engines and websites.

Not only has your IP address disappeared from view, but you can select a new one from any number of locations. You can switch whenever you want and connect to wherever you want as often as you want. There is no extra cost for switching around. If you are using the Rendex software, switching only takes a few seconds. You can go from being in the US, to the UK, or to France all within a matter of minutes.
Once you're connected to the Rendex VPN, you can feel secure knowing that your privacy is protected, your identity is hidden, and your location is selected by you.

Manage and Control Your Data Manage and Control Your Data

Anytime you're connecting to the internet, you're going through someone's service. We all pay for access to the internet and sometimes this access comes with some dark and murky terms and conditions.

Even if you do read every line of a terms and conditions statement, you cannot be sure those who give you access to the internet are following them. There have been many cases throughout the world where ISPs, websites, and other providers have disregarded a user's security and privacy.

Most access providers and websites are not malicious, nor do they want to steal your data. But what guarantees can they give you that others will not steal it from them?

Rendex gives back your control. It allows you to manage your data transfer and it protects you from anyone trying to pry into your personal business.

Block Unwanted Marketing

We all have heard about the privacy issues with the big search engines and how they keep track of every search you've ever done. For example, see what Google tracks by checking here and here. They tie this information to an IP address as well as to cookies.. They know what you look for and where you are.

Combine your IP address with your cookies and search data and you are a target for anything these sites want to do to you – online OR offline. They will even sell your search data and location data to junk mail marketers if they so choose to.

Have you ever searched on an embarrassing health issue or researched a legal or credit problem? At some point, everyone uses the internet tools available to them to look up more information on sensitive subjects. It's not avoidable.

If these searches are tied to your IP, there is the very real chance that not only can your online privacy be lost, but your offline privacy as well. Internet searches are far from the private communication most of us take them for.

Rendex helps keep your online searches private. While your Rendex connection is active your true IP address is hidden away behind the Rendex IP address you choose to show. With Rendex you can take control over what you let these search engines know about you.

Prevent Hot Spot Dangers Protect Yourself at Wi-Fi Hotspots

Whenever you use a public Wi-Fi Hotspot, you're entering into a traffic stream that is appallingly insecure. All of your data is being broadcast like a radio transmission, usually without any security measures at all.

Think of all the things you do online: email, chat, purchasing products, cloud computing, banking, you name it. Have you done any of these things from an airport or a coffee shop?

This data can be accessed by nearly anyone. Freely and easily obtainable programs that even a 5th grader can use will expose your usernames and passwords to sites like Facebook and Yahoo when online via Wi-Fi. Given that these criminals don't even need to enter the location and can simply be sitting in their car, Wi-Fi Hotspots can be a hub of illegal activity.

However, if you were connected to the Rendex VPN service, all a criminal would see is unusable junk. Our VPN service encrypts all of your transmissions into an unbreakable stream.

It's Easy to Setup

With the Rendex software you're just a few clicks away from a secure connection. No digging through endless settings and obscure menus. Just follow the easy setup steps on our website and you'll be up and running in minutes. In order for you to be secure, you won't need to change your ISP, browser, or applications, and you'll never need to hunt for a slow proxy service ever again. With Rendex you get the anonymity you need without any hassles.

Go online safely while travelling Go Online Safely While Travelling

If you're a frequent traveler, you already know the issues that can pop-up when using certain services internationally. Some e-commerce sites will determine transactions as fraud. Some entertainment sites will block international viewing.

With an Rendex VPN connection, you can appear to be surfing from the place of your choice. This means you can define what your online experience will be.

When you connect to a hotel network, many of which are wired directly to your PC, other users on that network may have access to your data transmission. Also, many hotels and other public networks are provided through 3rd parties not associated with the hotel or restaurant. If you ever had a security question or issue, it's unlikely you could easily resolve it.

With an Rendex connection you'll have no data transmission security issues to resolve.

Your VPN Account can Act Like a Virtual Firewall

An Rendex VPN account can act like a virtual firewall. Most direct attacks on private computers are aimed directly at your IP address. With Rendex your actual IP is hidden to your attackers. They'll only see the Rendex IP address, and we have an army of the best engineers in the business dedicated to making sure that our network, and your privacy, remain protected.


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